Home Cleaning Services

Cleaning is something that most people do not have enough time for. Between juggling work and the kids, the pets, or even to have a social life, means that you don’t have time for the dirty work. We can help with that. We will provide you with a thorough clean every time, guaranteed. We will meet you before we clean you. We are Insured and Bonded and do background checks on all of our employees. You may schedule a one time clean, weekly, bi weekly, monthly, bi monthly or even a 2xs per week cleaning. Every time we come to your home we will do the following and possibly more.

  • go around the corners of every room and knock down any cobwebs
  • Clean all light fixtures, mini blinds and window ledges
  • All fixtures on the walls will be cleaned
  • The corners will all be vacuumed along with under your couches under the cushions on any upholstery
  • all of your decorations will be cleaned and under them will be also
  • under your bed will be vacuumed and the bed will be made
  • your trash will be taken out
  • your kitchen and bathroom floors will be sparkling – we will clean them on our hands and knees
  • your kitchen cabinets will be wiped down
  • your microwave will be cleaned inside and out
  • same with our stove
  • and all of your baseboards and doors, and door frames will be wiped down.
  • everything will be vacuumed , and dusted, and sanitized and you will feel like its home again.